Mother-in-law DEMANDS she attends birth with THIS ultimatum


December 18 2018

A mum-to-be was dumbfounded when her mother-in-law demanded she attend her grandchild’s birth – or she wouldn’t help out with her older grandson after the birth as she originally promised to do.

The issues started with the woman’s first birth, which was attended by her husband and sibling. Competitive Gran was annoyed that she wasn’t able to be at the birth or see her grandson immediately, despite the fact that the birth was complicated and the baby ended up in intensive care, the woman explained on Reddit.

“A nurse came to us after I had minor surgery to fix an injury during birth that a woman was trying to get into the NICU to see our son,” she wrote. “So that happened and I was annoyed but it was whatever.”

“This woman is nothing short of competitive with my family when it comes to our son. She will throw a fit if when we fly home for a visit if my family has more time. I am convinced she has a tally board that has a tick for each visit family make to us or vice versa,” she wrote.

“So now this woman, who I've recently made great strides to heal old wounds and bury the hatchet with, is trying to dictate to us that she be at the birth and somehow thinks that my sister has already seen one so it's her 'turn.'”

The woman’s husband hung up on his mother when she issued the ultimatum and said that the family would be fine without her help and would not put up with her “competitive sh*t.”

“It is going to bite her in the ass because my family have already extended offers to watch my son or whatever we need in case this pregnancy and birth is like the last,” she wrote.

“I'm also considering giving her the wrong hospital and date to avoid another 'surprise.' Maybe this is IT. The final straw to make us both see that sacrificing our sanity so our son has a grandmother really isn't worth it.”

Reddit users were quick to empathise with the woman, saying her mother-in-law was out of line and that she would come to regret her ultimatum.

“I would hold her to that ultimatum until the day she dies and remind her of it every time she asked to see the children,” one person wrote.

A delivery nurse weighed in too, saying: “I’m a labor and delivery nurse and here’s what you do: you have 100% say in who is in your labor room and post-partum room. Tell your nurses not to let her in and let her seethe out in the waiting room for hours/day/until discharge.

“It’s not about her, it’s about you, your husband and your baby. End of story.”

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