SHOCK! Grandma REFUSES to see newborn grandson because she wasn't invited to his birth!

Who's right? Who's wrong?

February 11 2019

An angry grandmother has refused to visit her new grandson after she was banned from his birth.

Writing on Netmums, the baby's mum, an upset  24-year-old, explained that her mother felt so betrayed sthat her daughter didn't invite her to be in the birthing suite as she gave birth, she has cut all ties with her.

The new mum explained she tried to be 'polite' to her mum about not coming but it's tearing the family apart.





Explaining her side of the story she wrote: 'So I had my little boy in August. In the run up my mum kept demanding she was at the birth because "I won't cope" and I need her there (I'm 24 and married).

'I tried to tell her politely that if I need her I'll send my husband to pick her up straight away and that I'd be fine.

'I was fine and I felt I coped really well with the birth. The same day my son was born I text her that he'd arrived and that I can't wait to introduce them and when I was home probably the next day she can come and visit. 

'She didn't ask me how I was or say congratulations just bombarded me with questions like why didn't I get my husband to pick her up, telling me I'm evil and not normal for depriving a grandmother of the experience.'

The new mum went on to say that her mother had called her 'mentally unstable' and said she hoped the family would 'go to hell'. 





As a result, her son is now ten weeks old but the baby is yet to meet his grandmother and she had not spoken to her mum at all.

'She hasn't got in touch and I haven't reached out to her,' she said. 'My husband says I should stay away and that's she's unstable and shouldn't be around our son. The whole thing has and is really getting me down. This was meant to be a time for us all to create happy memories and instead i just spend a lot of time being upset.'

She ended her post by asking if it's right that she should feel guilty.

Some users to the site were quick to put her mind at ease saying that her mum's reaction had been totally out of line. 

'This is unacceptable,' said one.

'I love my mum to bits but no way did I want her there when I gave birth!' said another. 

And this reaction clearly struck a nerve with the mum who posted her story because she took to the site later to write, 'Thanks for all your support. X' but didn't give a hint about what would happen in the future. 

But others sided with the grandmother and sympathised with how she was feeling. 

'I kind of feel sorry for your mum. No disrespect to you but she sounds so disappointed and upset. I can’t blame her to be honest, receiving a text after her grandchild was born is so impersonal.'

'I’m sure it will all blow over soon enough though. She probably just needs a bit of time to get over feeling pushed out a little,' said one.

This comes hot on the heels of the story of the mother-in law who changed her grandsons' name WHILE the mum was in recovery after her c-section.

What do you think? Does the grandma have every reason to be upset?

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