My mother-in-law was so desperate to be a grandma she tampered with my birth control.


November 21 2018

A woman has revealed that her mother in law was so desperate to have grandchildren that she tampered with her birth control.

She explained that she and her husband have been married for two years, and his mum, Kathy, has been pressuring them to start a family, reports The Sun.

“We're in our late 20s and neither of us is ready yet. I've only been out of uni for three years and I'm determined to work on my career for another five years or so before I even think about babies,” she said.

Kathy would regular start conversations about babies, asking them which names they liked, and which surname they would have.

The woman conceded that her Kathy was probably lonely and bored, but stood firm in her belief that she and her husband were not ready for children.

Then one day she walked in on Kathy at her bedside table, with a needle in one hand and condoms in the other.

“I was shocked and furious. There was no point making excuses - I'd caught Kathy red-handed.

“When I pressed her, she admitted she'd done it before, and I realised that Pete and I had been taking risks pretty much since we'd moved into Des and Kathy’s place two months earlier.”

The woman says she’s now ‘flat broke’ as she’s paying rent while building a house, and adds she is “hoping my period comes when it's due next week, because I can't afford a baby right now."

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