Five of the weirdest freezer hacks that will save you money!

Life-changing ways to save you time and $$$

October 12 2018

How can you save money with your freezer?

There are a tonne of life hacks out there that can save you money and make life a little easier when it comes to housework. From slow cookers to microwaves, the one appliance you probably haven't looked at is your freezer.

We've compiled a list of the five things you should put in your freezer that can actually help you save money. Weird? Yes. But do they work? Yes.

1. Stop Washing Your Jeans, Freeze Them Instead


Save yourself the agony and stop ruining your favourite pair of jeans by throwing them in the washer and dryer. The best way to clean your jeans is to actually toss them in the freezer! The below-zero temps actually kill any bacteria on your denim and removes odours.

And the best part? This technique does not shrink jeans like the typical wash-and-dry method. It's perfect! How did we not know this before?!

What You Need

  • A pair of jeans that need a wash (stains won't disappear with this method)
  • A large zip-lock bag
  • A freezer 

Place jeans inside bagged and seal it. Remove after a week and wear, once they're not cold!


2. Disinfect Pillows and Stuffed Animals in Your Freezer

The same method you can use for your jeans also works for pillows, stuffed animals, and other delicate items you don't want to put through the wash. Simply place them in large plastic bags, remove as much air as possible, and place them in the freezer for at least 72 hours. This method will eliminate germs, dust mites, and even lice. Yuck!


3. Prolong Battery Life

If you've ever found yourself reaching into a box of unopened batteries only to find that they don't work, then this hack is for you! NiMH and NiCad batteries are often used in electronics around your home. But did you know that by keeping these types of batteries in the freezer you can actually boost battery life by 90%!

 This trick puts an end to throwing away pricey batteries you haven't even used yet. We're charged up about this one!


4. Get Your Favourite Candles to Last Longer

Help candles last longer by placing them in the freezer a day before you burn them. This will freeze the wax, making the candle burn nearly twice as long! Hooray!

This story first appeared on Better Homes & Gardens