The meaning behind this photo is just beautiful

It gives you goosebumps...

August 23 2018

The meaning behind this photo is just beautiful.

This is 11-year-old Bethan. Tragically Bethan’s dad, Chris, died back in May, four weeks after he was diagnosed with a rare but aggressive form of cancer.

After his death Bethan had trouble sleeping and so her mum found Elisabeth Barker, a mum who makes teddy bears from the clothes belonging to people who have died. Some clients have even asked her to put the ashes of loved ones inside their teddies.

As soon as Bethan cuddled her teddy, who is made from her dad’s favourite shirt, she slept better and is instantly comforted by the stuffed toy.

Her mum, Jo, told WalesOnline, ‘The first night she got it, she fell asleep with her head on the cushion and touching the pillow. It was just so nice to see she was comforted at last. After that we didn’t just gain the bear, we also gained a friend in Elisabeth.’

Elisabeth herself is no stranger to tragedy as her sister died when she was a child and her beloved grandmother passed away just recently.

‘I was only 11 years old when my sister died, she died in an accident, so perhaps the fact that I understand grief and loss helps. You just want to do anything to make it easier to deal with.

Elisabeth Barker Credit: Walesonline

Elisabeth Barker Credit: Walesonline

She added, ‘I don’t ask how a person has passed away but most of the time people will send me a picture of them.

‘I have been asked to put ashes in bears and cushions. A lot of people don’t like the thought of the ashes but as long as they are in a suitable container already it’s fine. Once a lady took out nine little bottles and they were sat on my desk. I just want to help people.’

And Bethan couldn’t be happier with her new cuddly teddy. “The first time I saw it I cried because of how amazing it was,’ she told WalesOnline. ‘We chose the shirt daddy used to wear all the time to go down to the caravan and the one he used to wear at Christmas.’

Bethan and her dad, Chris. Credit: WalesOnline

Bethan and her dad, Chris. Credit: WalesOnline