REVEALED! Your Coles Little Shop collectables problems are over!

It's genius!

August 23 2018

What are you going to do with your Coles Little Shop collectables when the shopping frenzy is over?

 Here’s an idea. Donate them to a disability services organisation.

Distinctive Options, from Sunbury, near Melbourne has asked shoppers to donate their Coles Little Shop collectables once they have finished with them so they can help people with disabilities.

‘We are seeking any unwanted Coles Mini Collectables!,” Distinctive Options wrote on its Facebook page. 

‘If you have any that you don’t need, please consider donating them to Distinctive Options in Sunbury. We will be using them to make communication aids for people with a disability and as part of our educational programs.’

Credit: Distinctive Options

Credit: Distinctive Options

Basically this means that the Little Shop collectables can help people find what they are looking for in the supermarket.

‘Shopping in a supermarket can be very overwhelming for people [with a disability],” Sarah Heriot from Distinctive Options told Yahoo7.

“The mini collectables helps an individual to find one product when with something like coffee or tea they have more than one brand to choose from. 

“The mini-collectables can help people select one. We can make up visual shopping lists, where we velcro them on to a shopping list.’

The suggestion to donate their collectables has gone down very well with shoppers on social media.

‘I hope all the people collecting donate them to organisations like yours and don’t just dump them when the novelty wears off,’ said one fan. 

What will you do with your Coles Little Shop collectables?

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