Prince George and Princess Charlotte play "shopkeepers" with their nana, Carole Middleton!

The royal brother and sister were spotted "helping" their grandmother at work!

July 31 2018

Princess Charlotte and Prince George are just like any other kids and enjoy regular trips to see grandmother Carole Middleton – even playing shops while nana works!

Carole, 63, owns and runs the successful party planning business, Party Pieces, and is often spotted working while George and Charlotte play pretend games in her office.

According to one visitor to Party Pieces and reported in the UK's Daily Express, the brother and sister were spotted “playing shops” while waiting for Nana to finish her work and when George, 5, was given some sweets by Carol, the future king beamed, saying: “Oh my gosh”.

There was no sign of three-month-old little brother, Louis, or mum Kate but the pair seemed happy enough playing and making up "pretend games" in the offices in Berkshire, UK. 

And that’s not the only way Nana spoils them. She reportedly loves to treat them with a plate of hot chips from time to time.

After all, isn’t that what nanas are for!?