JUST IN: Looks like there's a secret NEW TWIST in Coles Christmas Little Shop!

We're all going to go crazy over this again, right?

November 26 2018

Is there a secret twist in the Coles Little Shop Christmas Edition?

We've been officially told that there are FIVE collectables in the promotion - a mince pie, a pavlova, Christmas crackers, a gingerbread biscuit and a limited-edition Coles gingerbread ice-cream.

But it looks like there might even be an even more limited-edition BONUS mini - a Christmas pudding!






According to chatter on social media, workers at Coles (who do not want to be named in case they lose their jobs) have been told to look out for a very limited-edition Christmas Pudding - which if found could mean big money or, according to the rumours, even a trolley dash around a store.

There is NO word from Coles about this at the moment, but the whole Little Shop Christmas Shop promotion looks set to follow the original promo with twists and turns at every moment.

The first Coles Little Shop phenomenon suddenly introduced the miniature Big Red Hand which offered shoppers the chance to win cash - and now it looks like Coles will copy that format with this new limited edition release. 

By the end of the promotion, those Red Hands were selling for around $200 as shoppers clamoured to get hold of them. 

You can start collecting from December 7, 2018 and as usual, for every $30 you spend in Coles you get one mystery mini - there are officially five to collect - but more surprises in store!

In 2019, Coles will bring back the Little Shop promotion again and it's thought that this time it will be called Little Kitchen and focus on cooking.




Will you be collecting the new Coles Little Shop Christmas Edition?