You can now buy a wine glass bigger than your child!

...and everyone is desperate to get their hands on one!

November 04 2018

We’ve all had those times when no glass of wine seems big enough to drown out the stress of a very busy day, right?  Until now!

Yep, Costco in the US is now selling a huge 116cm wine glass and fans are now desperately hoping it will land on Aussie shores sooner rather than later. There are already nine Costco stores in Australia with more due to open soon.  





While the over-sized glass is meant to be a decorative feature for your home - to fill with plants or ornaments - many social media users have gone online to congratulate Costco on finally selling a ‘decent-sized’ wine glass!

‘Thank you, Costco, for giving me a wine glass big enough to deal with 2018,’ wrote one user. While another commented: ‘Finally found a good sized wine glass. Thanks Costco!!!’

Another said: ‘Now I just need a 8-foot wine bottle to go with my 4-foot wine glass.’





The monster-sized wine glass costs $US79.99 - but you’ll need to spend just as much on wine to fill it up!

But we’re thinking many mums just might think it’s worth it... 

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