ALDI to sell giant 6 litre prosecco bottle!

There’s enough to fill a whopping 64 glasses!

Content Editor / September 26 2018

Supermarket giant Aldi is releasing a massive bottle of its popular Giotti Spumante Prosecco just in time for Christmas.

The bottle contains enough prosecco to fill a whopping 64 glasses, and is the equivalent of eight regular-sized bottles.

First Christmas Day purchase #3litreprosecco #giottiprosecco #christmasday #celebrations #family
First Christmas Day purchase #3litreprosecco #giottiprosecco #christmasday #celebrations #family

A 3L Jeroboam bottle of Giotti Spumante will also be available to customers.

The Methuselah 6L bottle is due to be released in the UK on November 14, with an Australian release yet to be confirmed.

According to Aldi, the Giotti Spumante is described as ‘sweet and creamy’ with complementary lemon zest, tangerine and pear flavours.

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