Breaking: Aldi Australia limits the amount of shoppers allowed in store amid coronavirus panic buying

And they have strict new limits in place

Editor / March 25 2020


Aldi supermarket Australia has announced new restrictions amid coronavirus panic shopping.

The biggest of the new restrictions in place is the limit of customers allowed in store at the one time.

Says Aldi Australia: “We have limited the number of customers allowed in store at any one time so that when you enter you can have a safe and calm shop. “

Competitors Coles and Woolworths supermarkets have community hours 7am-8am daily, when the elderly and people with disabilities are permitted to shop before stores fully open for the day.

Coles has extended their community hours to emergency services and healthcare workers - Tuesdays and Thursdays will be for emergency services and healthcare workers who hold an AHPRA card, have a workplace ID or are wearing their work uniform. Monday, Wednesday and Friday community hours are for or customers who hold a government-issued Pensioner Concession Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Companion Card, Seniors Card, Disability Card and Health Care Card.

Aldi does not have community hours, instead asking customers to “please consider letting those less able or requiring special assistance to the front.’



There are also new strict shopping limits in place to discourage over-purchasing and panic buying.

Product limits are based on categories, regardless of the brand, weight or variety. For example, sugar = all types of sugar. 


From March 25 restricted items are:


One per customer:

*Toilet paper


Two per customer:

*Paper towels


*Dry Pasta


*Dry rice

*Hand sanitiser

*Mince meat


*Chilled pasta


*Liquid soap


Six per customer:

*Microwave rice

*UHT long-life milk


Ten per customer:


*Antibacterial wipes

*Canned foods


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