Every limit in every store, your ultimate guide to supermarket buying restrictions amid coronavirus panic buying

Everything you need to know.

Editor / March 18 2020

Australian supermarkets have tightened their restrictions as they cope with 'unprecedented demands' amid coronavirus panic buying.

Here is your ultimate guide to Aldi, Woolworths and Coles supermarkets.



One pack per person:

* Toilet paper


Two items per person:

*Dry pasta


*Dry rice (excludes microwave rice)

*Paper towels


*Hand sanitisers




One pack per person:

*Toilet paper


Two items per person:



*Dry rice

*Paper towels

*Paper tissues

*Hand sanitisers

*Mince meat - includes Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken & Turkey


*Chilled pasta

*Frozen vegetables

*Frozen desserts

*Chilled white milk – includes all sizes of Coles Brand and branded white dairy milk, plant-based non-dairy and goats milk sold chilled in our dairy fridges in supermarkets and at Coles Express

The retail giant has also advised there will be additional limits introduced: “We will also be introducing some additional limits on certain items in each store. These can vary between stores, so please visit your local Coles for more information.”




Storewide limits on most categories, shoppers are limited to 2 items per category


Shoppers are also limited to 1 pack per customer for the following items:

*Toilet paper

*Baby wipes

*Antibacterial wipes

*Paper towel


*Rice (2kg and over)

There are also items which have NO limits currently in place.

*Fresh fruit and vegetables

*Meat (excluding mince)




*Fresh Milk

*Canned Fish


*Baby Food


*Confectionary - excluding Easter

*Wet Dog Food

*Wet Cat Food

*General Merchandice (e.g. batteries, storage)


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