SHOCKING: Little boy with special needs is BANNED from cinema for laughing too loudly

Little Jonathan Daly was banned during Dumbo because his laughing sounded like crying

April 16 2019

A disabled boy and his family were marched out of a cinema when he started laughing at the movie and people complained.

Jennifer Daly took her sons Kristopher and little Jonathan, 3, who has a rare form of dwarfism and cervical spine problems to see a Friday night showing of Dumbo at their local cinema.  Jonathon needs an oxygen tank and feeding bag with him at all times.

But after Jonathan's mum said that he laughed very loudly twice during the movie, people complained because they thought he was crying and the family were told they had to leave immediately.

Jonathan’s poor, frustrated and angry mum took to Facebook to vent just how upset she was about how a boy with special needs was treated.





She explained, ‘At one point during the movie Jonathan yelled out in his giggle twice not more than 20 seconds each and giggled.

This happened when Dumbo sucked in the feather to fly. He was loving the movie.

Needless to say 10 minutes later I had a woman who probably was a manager come to where we sat and told me there was a noise complaint of a baby crying.

I looked at her and said he did not cry he giggled twice. I was told I immediately had to pack up to leave.’


Jennifer Daly/Facebook

Jennifer Daly/Facebook


Jennifer explained that it then took her ages to leave the cinema because she had so much equipment with her son and she was visibly upset.

‘When we exited the movie I was so angry I cried and I don’t think I have cried so hard in a very long time,’ she said.  ‘I looked at the woman and said to her are you kidding me? He did absolutely nothing but laugh twice in a kids movie. Then she says will can you come another day to see it.?

‘I looked at her and told her I work full time.

'Do you realize what an achievement it is for me to be able to take my boys to go see this? It is really hard for me. I don’t understand why I am being kicked out.

Someone’s cell phone was going off for over a minute, someone else was holding their phone up with their light on to video record the movie someone else was talking and I am being kicked out? ‘

While the cinema manager did apologise and offer Jennifer lots of options to re-visit, Jennifer said the whole experience was ruined.

'Why would you not do you due diligence and make sure the complaint was legitimate?' she asked of the cinema manager.  'Why would would you not give me a warning first? If I did not comply then kick me out? I was so upset did not think of it at the time because I was crying and people were staring at me. She then offers to give me free refills on my popcorn and drinks. Like I am really hungry now seriously. I can give you back your money for everything.'

She then asked if anyone on Facebook knew the bosses at AMC cinemas in Illinois, USA so they could help her – and with nearly 7,000 reactions and almost 5,000 shares in just one day, she wasn’t disappointed.

“I never expected people to respond like they did. I wanted people to be more aware,” said Jennifer to CBS.

A representative for AMC said:

“Disruptive behaviour is not permitted during a movie. An AMC manager received multiple reports from guests about an ongoing disruption. The manager offered several options, including relocating the family and offering a private show. The guest received a refund, but declined all other options offered.”

“I don’t ever want to step foot in their cinema again,” said Jennifer.