Women who drink two cups of tea a day are more likely to live longer, study finds

This research looked at the health of 1,000 women and how many cups they drink a day

April 16 2019

How many cups of tea do you drink a day?

Drinking two cups of tea everyday can help women live longer, a study has revealed.

Women in their 70s and 80s who drank - on average - two cups of tea lived longer than those who didn’t!



The Western Australian study looked at the health of 1,000 women and focused on their tea and coffee consumption alongside their diets.

The report outlined that those who drank two cups of tea per day were 40% more likely to live longer and less likely to die of cancer and heart disease.

The report attributes this to flavonoids which are found in tea. Flavonoids are a compound that help boost health. 

They are also found in chocolate, red wine and vegetables, but the study discovered that it was tea that made the biggest contribution to a  women’s flavonoid count.

Two cups of tea provide the recommended daily flavonoid count of 350mg.

There's no word so far if drinking MORE than that is bad for you - so we'll just keep making a good old cuppa and carrying on. 


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