Toddler rushed to ER after drinking THIS common baby product

Mum has a warning for all parents

January 07 2019

Mum of two JennaJoy Ingraham nearly lost one of her sons when the toddler accidentally ingested some baby oil.

The Washington mum took to Facebook to share the frightening experience and warn other parents to be careful about what they keep around the house.

“Our 18 month old-Graysen, grabbed a bottle of baby oil off the counter and drank a little bit around 10 yesterday morning,” she wrote.

“A couple minutes later, he started acting lethargic. Falling asleep sitting up and not answering anyone. Basically awake but non responsive with the slowest blinks I’ve ever seen.

“When we picked him up, it was just dead weight and he kept trying to fall asleep in our arms.”

The worried parents rang Poison Control, who informed told them to take Graysen to the ER in case he aspirated any of it and it got in his lungs.

When they arrived at the hospital, medical staff took X-rays of the toddler’s lungs and informed Graysen’s Dad, Casey, that for a toddler to ingest baby oil was similar to an adult drinking gasoline.

FB/JennaJoy Ingraham

FB/JennaJoy Ingraham

“How has no one I have told so far known anything about how dangerous baby oil can be?” JennaJoy wrote.

“Of course we should not have had it on the counter where he could crawl up and grab it… after researching, I have learned [baby oil] is a hydrocarbon and falls in the same categories as lighter fluid and motor oil.”

The symptoms of hydrocarbon aspiration are coughing, choking and fevers. It can also cause lung irritation, pneumonia, and can even be fatal.

After being discharged from hospital, little Graysen was kept under close watch at home, and thankfully he did not show any symptoms.

"I feel crazy anxious but extremely lucky as I cuddle my tiny guy and obsessively listen for any changes in his breathing,” JennaJoy added.

“I also really feel the need to spread the word of how dangerous that little bottle all new Mommies get at their baby shower or have next to the bath or changing table actually can be.”