Beau Ryan makes shock confession about his family

'I just can't get it right'

September 11 2018

Beau Ryan has a confession to make – he’s just not strict enough.

The former NRL player admits he’s not good at telling off his kids, Remi, five, and Jesse, one.

‘I’m the fun dad,’ he says. ‘I get into trouble with my wife, Kara, because I'm just not the dad who can tell them off. Particularly my daughter, she has me wrapped around her finger. I just do what she says!’

The 33-year-old who is the ambassador for Westinghouse and their new website on the lighter side of parenting, The UnGlossy, reckons the times he does try to be a ‘proper’ dad, it all goes wrong.

‘My daughter is in an art class,’ he explains, ‘And one girl was talking about her age and saying that she was going to call my daughter Remi 6 because she was six.

‘My daughter didn’t set her straight that she was only five so I said, ‘Remi you’re not six you’re only five, you should tell everyone that. Be honest.'

As I came out of school I was so proud that I had been a proper parent but my wife looked at me and was like, ‘What did you do? You have to be six to be in that art class so I told Remi to tell everyone she was six! That’s the last time I do that!

As a result of this, Beau isn't sure if he and Kara will have another baby to add to their brood.

'Never say never,' he laughs. 'But it isn't my decision - it's my wife's. I don't pretend to have much say!'

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