Eight-month-old baby to lose her fingers and toes after contracting shocking virus

Her mum's quick thinking saved her life

November 28 2018

Eight-month-old baby Taleah Cocking from Western Australia contracted a deadly strain of Meningococcal and will have her fingers and toes amputated and later, possibly her limbs.

After suffering from breathing issues and a high fever at 4am, her mum Chelsea Cocking, 23, raced her to hospital and doctors told her to prepare for the worst and say goodbye to little Taleah.

‘It was out of the blue, really scary to watch this happen to your happy, healthy child and it took the innocence out of her and I don't want this to happen to anyone else's kids,' she told 9news.




Taleah will have to spend the next six months recovering in Perth Children’s hospital while she recovers.

There have been 10-20 cases of Meningococcal in WA each year and the bacterial infection can result in death if not treated quickly enough.

The Government of Western Australia released a health warning about the disease.

'In very rare cases, if left untreated, Meningococcal infection can result in death and, while low, MenW has twice the rate of death of other strains,' the statement read. 

'It is important that people with the symptoms seek medical advice early. The disease is serious and can be life-threatening, but most people recover completely with early antibiotic treatment.'

The WA government currently offers free vaccinations against Meningococcal for infants aged between 12 months to five years.

What are the symptoms of Meningococcal in babies?


Rapid breathing



Extreme lethargy

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