Mum's warning after 6-week old babies admitted to hospital

After a friend visited with a cold.

February 27 2017

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Wallis said her twins, who were born five-weeks premature, contracted RSV, a virus that can be mistaken for the common cold in adults.

”When the girls were born they were five weeks premmie. I explained to all my family and friends that even minor illnesses could harm them and told them not to come over if they were sick.”

Harper fell ill first and was rushed to hospital on Tuesday. On Thursday, both twins we sick.

“It is heart-breaking and extremely scary to see them like this, I just sit next to their beds every day staring at the monitors,” she said.

“At this stage, I knew why they were sick – I had heard of RSV - but didn’t realise how bad it could be or that it would just look like a common cold.”

Wallis has two other children who dont really understand whats going on.

"Even if you just have a runny nose don't risk it," Wallis said. "With babies, it can be life or death because they haven't built up a strong immune system."