These 'anatomically correct' dolls have caused an uproar on social media. Do you think they're inappropriate?

They've caused such a stir!

January 06 2019

A dad has caused a social media meltdown when he slammed these dolls with very realistic genitals on his Facebook page. 

Raynell Miller uploaded a photo of the twin dolls he ordered for his daughter but was horrified at how 'life-like' their 'private parts' are.

The boy and girl dolls have a penis and a vagina, but parents are divided as to how "inappropriate" they are.

'I’m glad I examined them before she got a chance to play with it!!,' said Raynell. 'Granted, the girl doll would have been fine since she has that part but my lil girl ain’t ready to be playing with dolls who has their d**** out'

"Is this is what the world comes to now?" Raynell wrote on Facebook. "Making dolls with the actual private parts for children?"



Raynell Miller/Facebook

Raynell Miller/Facebook


Unintentionally, Raynell, who just has one daughter, started a storm on the Facebook page and the post now has more than 4,500 comments after he explained that the dolls were never advertised as having anatomically correct bodies.  "I guess I just thought they were child friendly," Raynell wrote.

But plenty of Facebook users disagreed with the comments and um... told him that in no uncertain terms!





Others were a bit more direct in their approach...

'Did all you people grow up in a cage or a bubble or some s***? There is nothing "new" about these dolls. We had these in 1989. I had the boy version. My sister had the girl version. GROW UP,' said one.

'I'm not understanding the problem with this unless you're a pervert... Children should know the difference between private parts,' said another.

One is even more blunt, saying,

'Stop sexualising everything!'

But others agree with Raynell that the dolls are one step too far for little toddlers with one saying, 

'We all need to calm down and let kids be kids without them asking a million questions about why other babies are different.'

'You parent how you want to and if you think your daughter is too young for this, then yep, she's to young!,' said another. 

What do you think of the dolls? Would you be upset if your child received one as a gift? 

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