'I just want to help' Mum creates AMAZING dolls for children battling cancer

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December 06 2018

Leukemia survivor Tegan Kubler knows EXACTLY what it's like to battle cancer. When she was just 13 years old, Tegan was diagnosed with the disease and understands all too well the isolating and scary feelings that can come with it.

As a result, the brave 30-year-old decided to put these experiences to good use and help children who are desperately trying to come to terms with the illness - whether they are battling cancer or living with a relative who is.

Her Cancer Companion Dolls were specifically created to help children feel less disconnected and alone at a time when they really need it.


Tegan Kubler/Facebook

Tegan Kubler/Facebook

The adorable dolls have no hair to reflect a child going through chemotherapy. Instead, the dolls have a funky awareness ribbon print bandana, matching t-shirt, denim overalls and shoes. 

“I have designed this collection of dolls to allow children to have a special friend to connect with and to offer them comfort during a really hard time in their lives,” Tegan says.


Tegan Kubler

Tegan Kubler


“They come in a choice of seven colours – representing different cancers or even just the child's favourite colour. The whole doll is soft bodied, to make them extra huggable!” she adds.

The dolls will be packaged in a gorgeous gift box with a special letter from the doll to the child introducing herself to help form the bond that she hopes will bring much comfort and joy to the owner. Tegan also hopes to raise money for the cause with her innovative plan.

 “It is my goal to donate as many dolls as I possibly can and put together a program for children in hospital.”

 She’s created 100 dolls to give out at Christmas which she’ll give out to those who most need it.

 Tegan’s mother Lyn Prentice is particularly proud of her daughter’s initiative, as is her six-year-old son Joey. 

“As Tegan's mother, I couldn't be more proud of the woman she has become. Living with leukemia for 17 years, has been very challenging for her and yet, through it all she has become a mother and created a successful business,” she says.

“She is now passionate about raising money for cancer research and bringing some joy into the lives of children and adults, struggling with some form of cancer. I sincerely hope that her wonderful ideas and creations, will gain the support they deserve, to allow "The Awearable Collective" to become a great success.”


Tegan's son Joey with one of the dolls

Tegan's son Joey with one of the dolls


To help her journey to create her dolls, Tegan has created a GoFundMe page for donations. You can check it out here

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