World's SMALLEST baby boy leaves hospital after SIX months – look at him now!

This is incredible

Content Editor / May 03 2019

When Ryusuke Sekino was born last October, his was afraid to touch for fear of hurting or damaging her baby boy.

The premature bub weighed just 258g at birth – around the size of a small block of butter.

He spent six months in hospital and was finally allowed to leave in April after his weight increased to more than 3kg.

Getty Images

Getty Images

He was born two months after the birth, also in Japan, of the previous record holder, who weighed just 268g.

Ryusuke was born by emergency c-section at 24 weeks because his mother, Toshiko Sekino, was suffering from hypertension.

Post-birth, he was fed via tubes and also with drops of his mother’s milk on a cotton bud.

“When he was born, he was so small, and it seemed as if he would break if I touched him. I was so worried,” Toshiko said.

“Now he drinks milk. We can give him a bath. I’m happy I can see him growing day by day thanks to the special care he received here.”

Takehiko Hiroma, a doctor at the hospital, said he was “very happy” that the baby’s treatment had been successful.

Ryuseke was so tiny at birth that his blood vessels were too thin to administer intravenous drips, so treatment was difficult, Dr Hiroma said to Kyodo news agency.

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