'HE DID WHAT?!' Mum has emergency C-section but baby's dad leaves 30 minutes later for 'brunch'

The mum is devastated that her partner left yo meet his mates

May 20 2019

A 35-year-old mum was left all alone in the hospital with her newborn baby, just 30 minutes after an emergency c-section, because her boyfriend had a planned brunch.

The mum-of-two admitted she feels horribly betrayed and upset by her partner's decision to leave the hospital after she had begged him to stay with her and help her recover.



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‘When I got pregnant a second time, I was first happy but increasingly scared,’ the mum wrote on a now-deleted Reddit thread.

‘I made my boyfriend promise me every day during the pregnancy to be there for me and not skip out on us. I told him he needs to stay with us through the first day or two after birth.’

She explained that they were expecting some friends to come over but she unexpectedly went into labour before they arrived.

After the un-planned C-section, her husband stayed for a few minutes but then went home to get his friends and they came in to the hospital to see the new baby ' for ten minutes' but then they all left to get brunch as planned.

'No chance talking to him in private, also I was still in pain,’ the mum explained.

‘So my boyfriend told me: “I have to go but just say the word and I will come back (we live five minutes away from the hospital).

‘Late at night [the pain] got worse, so I wrote a message: “Please come I feel horrible and need you.”

‘He was already asleep and did not hear it. I waited an hour or so and then I called. He was asleep. A little later the hospital called. He was still asleep.

‘The next morning he read my message, saw that I had called, saw the hospital had called and decided it was not an emergency because ‘then they would have called again’ – and went to work. ‘He did not call or message me.

Afterwards, he had had a nice brunch with friends. He arrived when all was well again and after the guests had left.’



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Now the mum says she just can't get over the whole experience and she is still very angry at her partner for his lack of concern for her and the baby,

'So I have a grudge for all of this and I cannot get over it,’ said the mum. ‘I explained several times that I need an honest apology. The “but”- explanations don’t seem/feel right.’

Followers of the confession admitted that it would be hard to find a way to forgive him.

'He did what?!!!! He doesn't deserve you,' said one.

'You will never get past this unless you can sit down and understand each other. Right now, that's impossible,' said another

'He's an idiot who is NOT a good father,' said one plain speaker. 

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