Christmas miracle! Woman has a baby girl after first ever womb TRANSPLANT from dead donor

This could help millions of women in the future

December 05 2018

A woman has given birth to a miracle baby girl after the world's first successful womb transplant from a dead donor.

And this medical break-through could offer hope to millions of women who are infertile or struggling to conceive.

Bazillian doctors made the shock announcement after years of trying to successfully perform the tricky operation to help solve infertility.

The new mum of the bub is an unnamed 32-year-old woman born without a womb due to a rare genetic disorder.

In September 2016 she was offered a womb transplant at the Hospital das Clinicas in Sao Paulo. The organ was taken from a 45-year-old donor who had died from a brain bleed.



Surgeons spent nearly 11 hours plumbing in the womb by connecting veins, arteries, ligaments and vaginal canals.

Seven months after surgery, eight fertilised eggs were implanted into the donor's womb.

No complications were reported and a baby girl weighing 6.6 pounds was born by caesarean section at 35 weeks!

There's no word on the baby's name yet.

In a shocking move, after the birth, doctors removed her donated uterus over fears her body would reject it after the birth. 


USA Today

USA Today

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