Woman caught fat-shaming a toddler at a daycare centre

Wait, what?

December 27 2018

A US woman found herself in hot water after posting a video of herself fat-shaming a little girl at her son’s daycare.

The Philadelphia resident intended to share the video with a friend, but unintentionally posted it to her Instagram page instead.

In the video, the woman tells two-year-old Aubrey, a child at Amazing Kidz daycare, to “get out of my face with your big ass,” and that “what they need to do is stop feeding you.”

The video was copied and reposted across social media, which is how Aubrey's family and the daycare's administration came to see it.

The woman, who has asked not to named, says she is regretful of her actions and wishes she hadn’t done it.

“I regret it, I really do,” she said. “It was nothing to hurt anyone or anything bad to the little girl.

“I would just really like to apologize to her mother more because I'm a mother at the end of the day and I couldn't imagine somebody doing this to my son.”

The woman also said she’d reached out to Aubrey’s mother on Facebook but had not heard back from her.

Aubrey’s aunt spoke to Fox 29, saying that the family were very upset and considering moving Aubrey to another preschool.