Wife tells husband she wants to use sperm donor to fall pregnant because HE ISN'T ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH...

Yes, really. And then it all went downhill from there

December 13 2018

A confused husband has won over thousands of people on the internet by revealing that his wife wanted to have a baby - but with a sperm donor because he wasn't handsome enough. 

The mystery husband (known as SmoothPalpitation) shared his experience on Reddit and fellow users of the site were horrified by the whole situation. 

He wrote, 'When talking about children (we want to start soon), she suggested a sperm donor because then the child will (supposedly) have a better chance at a good life. I was incredibly confused and asked her to explain. To which she explained that if the baby had genes of an incredibly attractive and smart man (tried not to be insulted at that) then he/she would live an easier life and be happier. She's not wrong in that more attractive people live life easy, but its just so hurtful to think that your wife doesn't think you're good enough to have children with.'


He then went on to explain that he suggested to his wife that she use an egg donor as he doesn't think she is that attractive either! 

But he said, "she pretty much shut that down real fast."

"She says that at least one of us need to be biologically related to the child and it's better if the mother is because the baby grows inside the mother and we could be involved in the pregnancy," he explained.

Fellow Reddit users were quick to shut the whole thing down and many suggested he divorce her now and move on to find a wife that wants a baby with him, and only him. 

'Get a divorce as fast as you can,'' said one. 'When you have a baby with someone, you love that it's 50 per cent you and 50 per cent them... Looks mean nothing.'

But then things took a very different turn...

SmoothPalpitation updated the post with news that wife already had a donor in mind ... the man she was cheating on him with.

Yes, that's right!





He then went onto explain how he had told the wife of the affair partner everything and how he was now starting divorce proceedings. 

The whole exchange has now been shared more than 5 million times as the world tries to get its head around WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

We'll keep you posted...

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