Watch the video! Panicked moment mum catches little girl clinging to automatic garage door

She's swinging at a perilous height

November 18 2018

A mum has nicknamed her daughter, 'Toddler Ninja Warrior' after she turned her back for five seconds and found her clinging to the automatic garage door - seven foot up in the air!

Erica Dilley allowed her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Alex to press the button to open the electronic garage door. Then she turned her back to help her other child sitting in the stroller. 

The next thing she sees is Alex dangling in the air clinging onto the door by her fingertips. 





Her mum shouts, 'Alex! No, let go!' And she ends up with both children in her arms after running to rescue her.

She later posted the CCTV footage online and it has since blown up, amassing 116,000 views on Erica's YouTube account. 

She also posted it to Facebook saying: 'We learned Alexandra loves heights and Mama can’t turn her back.'

Comments online praised the mum and the toddler's strength as one user said. 'That freakish toddler upper body strength' and another added, 'She has a career as a burglar all lined up!'.




See the video here!

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