Irish toddlers hilarious phone call with an imaginary friend has gone viral

And her Dad admits 'she's crazy!'

Content Editor / November 15 2018

A three-year-old toddler has gone viral after her father captured an imaginary conversation she was having on the phone.

Daisy Healy pulls hilarious facial expressions and rambles along in a one-sided chat (that’s surprisingly convincing).

Her father, Alan Healy, told The Sun that the video is an “insight into her crazy little world”.

“She’s actually a very shy person, and doesn’t like when I point the phone at her,” he added. “But when you get to know her, she’s crazy.”

During the chat, she talks about her father taking photos of her, explains that she’s going to the park, and appears to relay previous conversations she’s had to the imaginary person on the end of the phone.

While it appears as though she is mimicking an adult during the phone conversation, Dad Alan says he’s not sure where she would have picked it up.

“We are more of a text generation, we’re not speaking on the phone all the time. “I don’t know where she’s getting it from.

“It’s her imagination.”

He also added that his young daughter was known as “Crazy Daisy” among her Montessori teachers.

We think she’s just adorable!

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