Toddler insists on scary nun-themed birthday party and goes viral!

This is nuts!

Content Editor / June 12 2019

Most little girls choose fairly obvious themes for their birthday parties – whether it’s a loved item such as unicorns or butterflies, or a favourite movie, such as Frozen or Moana.

Not so for one unique little toddler, who told her mother repeatedly that she wanted her celebrations to be based on the 2018 horror film "The Nun".

Apparently little Lucia Brown, aged three, caught a glimpse of the film when she was at her grandmother's house, then asked if she could watch it.

Far from being scared or traumatized by the movie, she became obsessed with it and claims the “Nun” protects her.



"[Lucia's grandmother and her father] told her it wasn't a cartoon, but she insisted," her mother told Good Morning America.

Her mother tried to dissuade her from choosing the creepy party theme, but again Lucia stood her ground.

"I kept asking her for months and the answer was always the same: 'The Nun. The Nun. The Nun.' I told her, 'No way, you are going to choose Rapunzel.'"

The Nun delves into the origins of the inhuman spirit, known as Valak - the same ghost that tortured ghost-hunters in The Conjuring 2.

Lucia’s insistence won out and the little girl had the creepy party of her dreams, complete with creepy Valak cake.

She also wore a black Nun’s costume and had her face painted white with huge black circles around her eyes. Her little friends also got in on the action with creepy face painting.

Lucia’s cousin, Andrea Villarreal, tweeted pics of the party, which swiftly went viral with more than 138,000 tweets.

She said: “I know people see The Nun and get scared, but Lucia tells her mom that nun is protecting her.”

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