EEK! This eye-watering photo shows EXACTLY what being 10cm dilated looks like during birth!

The actual reality of seeing it is very different to just hearing about it!

April 23 2019

An eye-watering image of a nurse showing EXACTLY what it looks like when a woman's cervix is 10cm dilated - has quickly gone viral. 

The handy visual aid is used to train midwives so they know how dilated their patients are when they're giving birth. This photo shows an actual newborn baby's head next to the 10cm dilated 'hole'. The holes on the board range all the way from the normal size of your cervix to the largest - 10cm.

And now it's sweeping the world on social media as more people realise what '10cm dilated' actually means, and just how big it really is!

Singer Steffanie Christi’an shared the photo on Facebook, writing: ‘This is why we deserve all the things.’ She’s not wrong.





The photo, originally taken by the SVC Birth Center,  has now been shared hundreds of thousands of times with mums patting themselves on the back, people thanking their mums for giving birth to them and dads with watering eyes, crossing their legs. 

One person wrote: ‘I need an epidural just from looking at this pic... Women are miracles!’

Another commenter said,  ‘I am NEVER having kids.’

While one more said, 'Ouch, looks like one of those things you measure pasta portions with!'

This isn’t the only visual guide to dilation that’s spread around the internet.

Kiddicare, posted to their Facebook page a meme that compared different levels of dilation to food, going from a 1cm Cheerio to a 10cm bagel!





Somehow a 10m bagel doesn't sound as scary as that big hole, does it?

One thing's for sure this image isn't going to go away fast!

What do you think of it?

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