This Aussie dad’s disastrous nachos will be the FUNNIEST thing you read today!

He had no idea you needed to COOK the RAW MINCE!

February 11 2019

The Flawsome Mum is a Facebook page dedicated to mums who love their kids, but are a far cry from the perfect parents you see all over social media.

Their podcast is dedicated to parenting stories they’re REALLY not proud of but can't resist sharing - and in their new episode they cover off embarrassing dinner stories, including one dad’s hilariously disastrous attempt at nachos. 

Asked to reveal their ‘laziest, yet most successful’ dinners for the kids, mum Amy recounted how she once fed her kids a meal of cucumber, Doritos and 2-minutes noodles. But it was her description of her husband’s, er, nachos that really had us giggling. 


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‘OMG my husband is the worst cook ever,’ she explains. ‘I said “Do you know how to cook nachos?” and he said “Oh it can’t be that hard!”

‘So he got some corn chips, put raw mince on top of them and then whacked it in the oven and served it to the kids - no cheese, no sauce, no nothing. And you know mince when it cooks goes all broily and gross and so all the chips were soggy.’

Asks host Fran: ‘Did they eat it?’

The answer? No. Says Amy: ‘No, no they did not. And it stunk. It was the grossest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.’

The cooking disasters don’t stop there either - just wait till you hear what they did with sausages and watermelon, on the same plate! To hear more, make sure you head over to The Flawsome Mum’s podcast - click here for more!