Mum explains the genius hack behind this photo - and it goes VIRAL in hours!


January 28 2019

A Queensland mum stunned the internet when she revealed how she 'won' at parenting, eight minutes before her kids were due at their History Week school dress-up parade!

Mum, Amy Sinclair, suddenly remembered her kids had to go as a character from history at the annual parade at their junior school.

But she had forgotten to organise costumes for either of them and only remembered as she was racing to get out of the door.

'At 8.10 we had to leave for school,' she explains on The Flawsome Mum new podcast. 'And they have to go dressed as a historical figure... now I am very good in a crisis so I was like, 'I know they can be mummies, they're historical!'

'So I ran into the toilet grabbed five rolls of toilet paper and proceeded to wrap every single limb of each child in toilet paper and at the end, there were two little mummies.'



Amy Sinclair/The Flawsome Mum

Amy Sinclair/The Flawsome Mum


But her triumph was short-lived.

'We rush to get into the car but because toilet paper has those little perforations, when they bent their knees and sat down the whole thing just ripped apart.  So I ran back into the house and got out some packing sellotape and started wrapping them up again.  So not only did they go to school wrapped in toilet paper they were wrapped in sellotape. I'm not sure how I got away with it.'

Amy admits her whole idea for the dress-up parade didn't go down too well with other mums...

'That was the worst part,' she explains. 'They get out of the car and my kids are wrapped in toilet paper and sellotape and a kid dressed as Joan of Arc complete with a makeshift canoe is coming the other way, it was very embarrassing.'

It was even more embarrassing for the kids later in the day when they tried to go to the bathroom and realised they couldn't get out of their last-minute costumes

'I didn't quite think through because they couldn't go to the toilet,' Amy explains. 'It took three teachers to un-wrap them and take it off so they could actually go to the toilet.'

Amy's story has now been shared hundreds of times on-line with mums laughing at her spontaneous costume.

'This is me,' said one. 'Except I would have given up when the whole thing fell apart!' 

Amy's story appears on The Flawsome Mum podcast. You can hear it here or play it below.