These ‘what I ordered vs. what I received’ CAKE FAILS are the funniest thing you'll see all day!

We. Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

Editor / April 30 2019

Ever ordered a cake to take the stress out of your little one's birthday?

Yep, we have too but luckily they have never looked quite like these...

These birthday cakes show what happens when the bakery doesn’t get it quite right! And they're very funny!


1. Elsa from Frozen



Whether it's Elsa or an artist's impression of Elsa, we're not sure but this cake looks like it might just be what a horse might look like, if he was dressed up as everyone's favourite Disney princess!



2. Christian Louboutin, shoe box and shoe

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook


This Christian Louboutin shoe looks a little more Payless than Paris, but we love the attention to detail with the sparkly shoe.


3. Unicorn gone crazy!


Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook


If your unicorn cake is going wrong, what's the answer? Throw as many roses and colours at it as you can! We actually think this abstract unicorn is pretty impressive!


4. Dora The Explorer


Image: Reddit

Image: Reddit


Ouch. Unless we knew for sure this was MEANT to be Dora, we're not sure we would pick it! You? It looks more like a Dora from your nightmares - those eyes!


5. Minnie Mouse


Minnie! You seem to be eating pink golf balls! While this cake didn't turn out looking like its inspiration, it looks like it could double up as one of those fairground rides where you have to throw the balls in the animal's mouth!



6. Tinkerbell





While Tinkerbell is famous for her delicate features and fairy-like appearance, this side-eyed giant rabbit would probably give the birthday party guests the odd nightmare or two...


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