Mum bakes Hercules cake for son – but there’s a VERY rude blunder!

Oh dear

December 19 2018

Baking a cake for your little one’s birthday is always a special experience, but what happens when it goes beyond a cake fail and is just, well… wrong?

One mum made a Hercules birthday cake for her six-year-old son’s birthday, however her depiction of the horse Pegasus was just a bit too detailed.

A picture of the cake was posted on Awkward Family Photos with the following caption: “The cake my wife made was supposed to portray Pegasus and Baby Pegasus. She doesn’t understand why everyone kept laughing.”

The post has garnered over 6000 likes and many comments from followers seeing the funny side of the mistake.

“Nailed it?!” wrote one commenter, with laughing emojis after the comment.

“Spendid schoolboy humour!” added another.

Others were quick to defend the unfortunate baker, however.

“That is still an awesome cake!” said one. “I thought the cake looks great though,” said another.