The mysterious secret behind the Queen’s long life

It’s all thanks to an old oak tree

September 23 2018

The Queen’s long life has been linked to an old oak tree that she secretly used to sit under during long hunting sessions, it has been revealed.

The Queen’s Oak – which sits dormant on the grounds of Helmingham Park in Suffolk – was a secret hiding place for the young monarch.

Those close to the now 92-year-old Queen are convinced that the Oak is one of the reasons for her long life and durability.

More specifically, Lord Tollemache, owner of Helmingham Hall, has told The Times the Queen’s many years of good health are down to what she used to drink when inside the tree.

“The Queen used to go shooting there every winter and that particular tree, a dead oak tree - when they start getting old they to from the centre so it is hollow - and she used to shelter in the hollow and have a little whisky during the day,” he said.

A photo of the Queen’s Oak
will feature in an exhibition by royal photographer Adrian Houston.

The exhibition is called A Portrait of a Tree and will be held at the Unit gallery in Hanover Square, London, until September 28.

This article was first published by New Idea.