The app that could slash your supermarket bill in half

Savvy shoppers lift the lid on this secret

September 12 2018

For most of us, our grocery bill is one of the biggest outgoings each week. However, frugal shoppers on a Facebook forum have revealed a smart way to reduce outgoings.


The free app, called ShopJam, helps consumers to view and compare Woolworths and Coles weekly half price specials in one place. You can choose the store nearest to you and the app will recommend the cheapest options near you.


ShopJam app

ShopJam app

'Did you know there's an app that shows you everything that is HALF PRICE OR LESS in Coles and Woolies?' one shopper wrote.


You can also save time at the shops, because the app will sort your items into the relevant aisles.

'Tells you what's cheaper online or in-stores,’ added another shopper. ‘You can buy from one or the other or both - whatever is cheapest. So good.'

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