The 2-ingredient Slow Cooker Roast recipe that’s gone viral in Australia

‘Will never do it any other way!’

Contributor, Practical Parenting / February 05 2020

When it comes to quick and easy dinners, this new roast recipe - which has gone viral today in Australia - from just might take the cake!

Posted by the always fabulous Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips Facebook page, you only need two ingredients which are readily available from your local Coles or Woolworths supermarket. 



Made by placing a piece of Silverside and a jar of Chicken Tonight Honey & Mustard sauce - currently on special at Woolies for $2 - into your Slow Cooker on low for 7-8 hours, it’s winning rave reviews from fans. 

Says Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips: So happy I started the new trend of jar honey mustard silverside 😅 Glad that most of you love it.’

And love it they do! Says one fan: ‘Will never do it any other way!’

Adds another: ‘I’m having this tonight! Can’t wait!’

Said one more: ‘We have tried it and it's so yummy!’

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Originally published on New Idea Food.

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