The teen baker who makes phenomenal cakes

Ryan Wilson, 14, is a self-taught cake maker extraordinaire

August 01 2018

Move over Buddy Valastro, there’s a new Cake Boss in town and he’s just 14 years old!

Teen baker Ryan Wilson started baking when he was just eight years old according to, using an Easy Bake Oven to kick off his first creations.

Ryan, who is completely self-taught, says he learned everything he knows from watching the Food Network and YouTube videos.

He has experimented with different types of baking, but always returns to cakes.

“Now pretty much all I bake is cakes,” he explains. “I usually make one cake every weekend.”

He’s also accumulated a strong social media following, with more than 70K followers on Instagram.

Ryan makes videos of his cake creations, and always cuts a slice at the end to show viewers the inside of the cake – and to sample it, of course.

The young chef adds that his parents are his biggest supporters and are “always going to the store to buy cake ingredients.”

One of his favourite creations is his stunning Donut Drip cake. “I like the donut drip cake because of how delicious it tastes and how simple it is to decorate,” he says.

Another favourite is his amazing M&M cake. “It was my first ever illusion cake which contains one of my all-time favourite candies and it has definitely inspired me to make more gravity-defying cakes,” Ryan adds.

Watch this space!

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