The social media lesson all kids need to see

A lesson all kids should see.

February 06 2017

Once shared on social media, there’s no telling where your post, pictures or video will end up.

For some children, it's hard to get their head around exactly how many people could potentially see something they post online.

A UK teacher created an experiment to show her year 6 students exactly how far a picture, even as boring as apple, can travel.  

I am teaching our Y6 children the risks of sharing photos on the internet," Robyn Lillian captioned her bag of apples. 


Robyn Lillian/Facebook

Robyn Lillian/Facebook

She added: "One child said ‘posting a picture of a bag of apples isn't a risk, nobody would be interested in apples!’

"So please help me to show them how quickly this photo of a bag of apples can spread by liking, sharing and commenting on the photo of the country/city that you are from.

“Starting location: Bedfordshire, UK.”

In six days, the post has been shared over 140,000 times and liked over 1,000 times.

In the comments section, people have shared their location, from Australia to Brazil and Canada, it’s easy to say these apples have gone viral.

So, how do you like them apples?