MUM-SHAMED! Mum gets told 'women who have c-sections don't love their kids'

What new mum wouldn't be upset by this?

November 27 2018

An angry new mum has revealed how she was left devastated when a woman at the gym announced that 'women who have c-sections don't love their kids' .

The poor mum - who had a caesarean recently - was left reeling by the cruel comment which occurred at the gym. 

Taking to Reddit to vent her anger, frustration and pain, the un-named mum admitted that she was already feeling very upset and unsure if her c-section had been the cause of her difficulties in bonding with her child. She believed her body 'failed' her in birth.

She revealed,

“Women who have c-sections love their children less, you know.” Thanks, random lady at the gym for that helpful comment!

Because I’m already not coping with birth trauma and guilt over my body “failing.” I had a bad reaction to the spinal for my section, so I don’t remember the first time I saw or held my baby. I’m already paranoid our relationship is stunted because we missed skin-to-skin in the golden hour. 

The mum also admitted that she was having problems breastfeeding her baby and was feeling very guilty about it. 

We’ve been having breastfeeding problems, even with help from an LC, and I completely blame myself for having to have so many interventions and not being able to let her latch right away. I’m in absolute tears in the gym parking lot. What a fantastic start to my day.

Although the opinionated woman in the gym had not been speaking directly to the sad, new mum, she had overheard her comments and admitted she then broke down in tears in the car park because she was so upset by what she had heard. 






But users of Reddit were super-fast to try to comfort the poor mum and let her know that the gym-goers comments were totally out of line. And boy, did they do a good job!


But sadly, it seems the gym-going woman will never know just how much her comments hurt the poor new mum who was weeping in the car park after she heard them...