'What no one tells you about having a caesarean'

One mum has shared a very honest post.

April 06 2017

But a couple of mums are here to tell you: it's okay!

Taking to Instagram, the mums behind The Bump Box have shared “what no one tells you” about having a caesarean.

“When you have that first caesarean, well in my experience NOTHING can prepare you mentally," the post begins and continues with a list of points to reassure mums. 

What no one tells you about having a c section

  • "From the moment you get wheeled in its a little daunting especially when you have the spinal block, something about a large needle being put into my spine made me feel uneasy, but you know what it's ok to be nervous. Trust in your team & know that everyone is wanting the same outcome: Healthy Mumma & Babe.
  • That tugging feeling. Yep, when your baby is on its way out, you will feel pressure & tugging. It feels weird but it doesn't hurt. Pinky promise! Next, you will hear & see your beautiful babe.
  • Breastfeeding after a C-section can be SO uncomfortable. If you are uncomfortable, don't be afraid to say so! Don't put up with pain!!!
  • The first time you have to get up, the nurses are always keen to get you up & moving & it's scary because you feel as though your insides are going to feel like they are going to fall out. That first time standing can be brutal & even leave you feeling nauseous but I promise it does get better & your insides won't fall out.
  • The catheter (pee bag) sounds like your an old woman but it's necessary when you have a C-section but don't worry, you don't have it forever & you won't wet yourself after it's been taken out!”

They finished the post with these words of wisdom: "It's okay to feel uneasy about a caesarean."

"Every birth matters, regardless of how a woman births & no one has the right to judge," the added. 

"All that matters is that you have a Mumma & Baby both physically & mentally well. So be proud of your story & be gentle with yourself."

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