Its love! Taite wins The Bachelorette and Ali's heart!

She picks Taite! Even though he said he wasn't sure about kids and marriage!

November 15 2018

It's official! Taite wins The Bachelorette and walks off into the sunset with Ali Oetjen!

After an emotional TV finale, Ali broke the news to runner-up Todd that he wasn't going to win her heart and DESPITE this, he still said that he would be there for her if he ever needed her!

After Todd walked away and broke down, and then Ali broke down in tears (are they sure they shouldn't be together?), Ali broke the news to Taite that he was the winner.

Earlier in the show, Taite had admitted to Ali that he didn't feel he could commit to marriage and babies - just like she had always said he wanted. 

'It's too much for me,' he said. 'I have never been in a relationship where I have been asked so soon to commit to this'.



Even during the finale, Ali admitted that even though she knew Taite would not admit to her that he loved her, she could not wait to see him, and she could not wait to tell him just how much she loved him.

But then, he did admit he loved her! Who can keep up?!

Taite is no stranger to reality TV - just like Ali. He appeared on Channel 7's First Dates and then was part of the series of Geordie Shore which was filmed in Australia. Now he's back and is the winner of The Bachelorette!

Seconds after he was announced as the winner, he presented Ali with a beautiful forever ring as a sign of his commitment to her.

Who knows where this will end, but one thing is for sure - there will be plenty of adventures to come for these two. Stay tuned!

Taite and Ali!

Taite and Ali!