Sports star Anthony Mundine urges parents NOT to vaccinate their kids - and is SLAMMED

He's been royally slammed for his controversial views

April 11 2019

Ex-boxer Anthony Mundine has been labelled  "extremely dangerous" for promoting anti-vaccination.

Mundine took to social media on Wednesday night to tell his followers that they should NOT immunise their children, and urging them to watch an American video that promotes the theory that vaccines can cause autism.

"Don’t vaccine your kids period!" Mundine wrote.

"The government bully [sic] you into vaccine !" he added.

"Do your research on the s*** & watched the documentary vaxxed ..." 


Mundine then linked to his Facebook page where he posted a video of a December 2018 video from New York radio show The Breakfast Club where the hosts alleged there was an agenda set by big pharmaceutical companies against African-Americans.

“MRR (Measles) vaccine gives black boys autism at a rate 240 per cent greater than their white counterparts,” one of the hosts said.

“It’s wiping black boys out, not just with autism — so what the pharmaceutical industry is doing is getting a customer for life.”

The former boxer's comments were immediately SLAMMED as “dangerous” by others, while many others suggested her had taken too many punches in the head and wasn't thinking straight. 

Former Paralympian Kurt Fearnley savaged Mundine for his post, calling him out as a “peanut” and questioning his knowledge of vaccination issues.

“You can’t make this s**t up. We’ve became so comfortable that some promote fear in our peace and others promote apathy in what should be feared... You got many mates with Polio? I do. A heap. From countries that didn’t have the luxury of vaccinations you peanut....” Fearnley tweeted.



The World Health Organisation has blamed the rise of the anti-vaxxer movement for the alarming resurgence of measles outbreaks around the world, prompting an urgent warning for the need for immediate action.

Earlier this year WAGS Shanelle Cartwright and Taylor WInterstein hit the headlines when they said they would never vaccinate their children and urged others to think carefully before vaccinating.


What do you think of Anthony Mundine's comments?

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