Single Dad slams ‘deadbeat mom’ on internet but it doesn’t go as he plans!

Oh dear…

Content Editor / November 13 2018

A single Dad posted on Reddit, describing a difficult situation he’s found himself in. The man explains how he unintentionally got a girl pregnant and prevented her from getting an abortion despite the fact that she didn’t want to have a baby.

“I got a girl pregnant and she wanted to get an abortion but I didn’t want that,” he wrote. “She ended up not getting one but now she is not involved at all.”

The man goes on to explain that the relationship was never serious, and that now, since the birth, she has no contact with their son at all. She does, however, pay 125% of the court-ordered child support.

“She says that if I ever marry someone who wants to adopt him she will agree but until then she’ll pay support. It’s been this way since our son was born.

“I’m raising our son all on my own. I am burned out and hate being a single parent. I love my son but I resent him,” the man adds.

“I tried to go to court to give her split custody but because she wanted an abortion and I didn’t and she made it clear she would never be involved after the birth… and now she pays more support than is court ordered the judge said he can’t force her to look after him.

The man finished off the post by calling the woman a “deadbeat mom” and asks if he has any legal recourse.

Unsurprisingly, readers were quick to side with the woman, saying she had always been clear about her intentions, and was paying more than she had to to help him raise the little boy.

“So let me get this straight. You resent the child you forced someone else to bring in to the world under the condition that you be the sole caregiver?” asked one user.

“I’d say she’s a good mom,” wrote another. “She was clear what her terms were for having the child that she didn’t want. You agreed to those terms. She’s paying child support … more than she has to. Out of the two of you, she is the one who has the kid’s best interests at heart.”

Some were even more blunt in their responses.

“Congratulations, you now know what life looks like for most single mothers. Grow up, you entitled twit,” one woman wrote.

“If you can't hack it, then your option is to find a nice adoptive parent and sign over your rights,” said another. “You are the only deadbeat in this story. You wanted a child with none of the work. You wanted to turn the mother into your personal slave. It doesn't work like that.”

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