Should you eat soft serve ice cream when pregnant? Pregnant mum ignites FURIOUS row – but who’s right?

This has caused a meltdown!

May 06 2019

A pregnant mum started a FURIOUS on-line debate when she was attacked for eating soft serve ice cream while pregnant.

Mum-of-two Stacey Solomon, 29, who is a TV presenter in the UK, posted a video of herself with partner, Joe Swash, eating the ice-cream, hoping her followers would enjoy the moment. 

But just after she put up the video, she received a barrage of comments about why she was eating ice cream when it could potentially harm her baby. 

One follower said: ‘Mr whippy when pregnant? I got told not to eat these!’

Another added: ‘I’m sorry but I don’t think you can have that ice cream. I’m pregnant myself and found out recently we’re not allowed when pregnant that sort of ice cream. It sucks.’



Happy bank holiday 😂😂 This actually backfired on me because I lost my ice cream to the floor, the dog had a blast cleaning it up though 😂😂
Happy bank holiday 😂😂 This actually backfired on me because I lost my ice cream to the floor, the dog had a blast cleaning it up though 😂😂


Another mum added, ‘How irresponsible are you? Eating ice cream when you’re pregnant?’

Stacey was shocked by the comments and clearly had never heard that she wasn’t meant to eat ice cream

But according to experts, soft serve ice cream is perfectly fine to eat while pregnant, since it’s made from processed products like pasteurised milk and eggs.

However, there is risk – but that’s from contracting listeria, a bacterial infection if the machine the ice cream is being served in is NOT cleaned properly.  Raphael May, a public affairs officer at Food Authority New South Wales, told that soft serve ice cream is a tricky one for pregnant women.

 “Because soft serve is typically stored at refrigeration temperature - around 0 to 5 degrees Celcius - and because ice cream is high in moisture, listeria can grow quite quickly in it,” he says. “Thorough cleaning - with an effective sanitiser - and regular maintenance usually prevent listeria from developing,” he adds.

So if the machine is improperly cleaned, it could contaminate the ice cream.

Pregnancy expert, Doctor Andrew Orr, believes that the chance of a pregnant woman getting listeria from ice cream is rare, however. it is best to be safe. “Fast food chains like McDonald’s have a strict hygiene policy where the machines are washed and cleaned every day. However, it’s best to avoid ice-cream trucks because they aren’t regularly inspected for food standards,' he told

After the debate raged online and on TV in the UK, many came to Stacey’s defence, citing the research and telling her to be sensible and enjoy a treat every now and then during her pregnancy.

 ‘Bet you never expected your choice in a cheeky treat could cause so much finger wagging from the pregnancy police,’ one cheekily mused. ‘Everyone has an opinion when you’re preggers.’

 What do you think? Do you eat soft serve ice cream when pregnant?

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