Rachael Finch: ‘I have a cyst on my brain’

The mum of two speaks exclusively about her shock health scare

July 27 2018

Model and TV host, Rachael Finch has revealed a secret medical condition in an exclusive new interview.

The 30-year-old mum-of-two had been suffering from relentless migraines that didn’t respond to treatment when doctors ordered an MRI.

“I used to get really bad headaches and migraines every second or third day,” she reveals in a new video chat with Practical Parenting. “It was horrible and I would wake up and just after recovering for a day… boom, I would suffer from another one.

“I tried seeing eight different people – all these specialists – and cutting this and that out of my diet and nothing worked. Then eventually one doctor said, ‘Why don’t you get an MRI on your brain to see what’s happening?’”.

Rachael talking to Practical Parenting about her chronic headaches

Rachael talking to Practical Parenting about her chronic headaches

The MRI gave Rachael the shock diagnosis that she actually has an arachnoid cyst – which is not cancerous or dangerous – on the lower part of her brain. Doctors ordered further tests but the former Dancing With The Stars star says that she is relieved it hasn’t grown.

“I didn’t know this was a common thing and apparently people have cysts all over their body. The cyst is sitting there and we just got the results back from the revised MRI and it’s stayed exactly the same which is great,” she explains. “I just have to avoid… high pressure situations where it would attribute to the pressure on my skull.”

But bizarrely doctors believe the cyst wasn’t the cause of Rachael’s migraines which have now disappeared.

“The headaches went away and they don’t know where they came from,” she tells PP. “I get headaches now once a month around that time of the month but it’s been very bizarre.”

This news comes just after Rachael’s four-year-old daughter Violet found a small hernia on her groin and she had surgery to remove it.

“She got an ultra sound and… the next minute I am calling the doctor and booking in an appointment for her to get surgery to get it cut out.”

Luckily the operation was short and successful and Violet is fully recovered.

“She recovered very quickly and kids are very resilient,” says Rachael. “It was good that we fixed the problem sooner rather than later because we don’t know what could have happened later in life.”

See Rachael talking about her and Violet's health below.



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