NEW VIDEO! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry comfort shy and upset school boy!

They're adorable.

October 29 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle comforted a schoolboy who became overwhelmed as he stood in line to meet them during their trip to Wellington, New Zealand. 

The couple had visited Maranui Cafe to meet with mental health workers and discuss their work.

Ten lucky pupils from nearby Houghton Valley School got the chance to meet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they left the cafe, shaking their hands as one of the children handed Meghan flowers.

Meghan and Harry recently announced that they are expecting their first baby in April 2019. 

However, the royal meeting was all a bit much for little Joe Young, five, who was on the end of the line of pupils and rubbed his eyes as the royal visitors approached.





But it was Meghan's reaction which really melted the hearts of royal fans as she crouched down, smiled and tried the engage the shy little boy in a chat. When he refused to look up at her, she touched his hand and then when Prince Harry reached him, he went in to tickle Joe’s stomach.

Way. Too. Cute. 





Monica Mercury, deputy principal at the school, said, “It’s not every day this sort of thing happens.

“Joe was very nervous and Harry was very nice with him too.”

The couple made their way down the line, with eight-year-old Max Dash giving the flowers to the duchess.

He said: “I gave her the flowers and she said thank you.

“It was so exciting. At the start I was a bit freaked out.”

The children were then given cake as the royal entourage headed to Abel Tasman National Park after a request from Meghan. 

Watch the super-cute video right here!