TV host accuses Meghan Markle of being fake in on-air rant!

He did what?

Digital News And Entertainment Editor / October 17 2018

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently stealing our hearts all across Australia at the moment, as the royal pair make their way around the country and meet the locals.

But, one TV host has taken it upon himself to claim Duchess Meghan is "fake" in a scathing on-air rant. 

Piers Morgan, Good Morning Britain star, was scathing about the pregnant duchess in a live-to-air rant on UK television this morning. 

The host was speaking about the Duke and Duchess and their current tour of Australia, looking at vision of the couple’s visit to drought-stricken Dubbo when Morgan unleashed on the 37-year-old.



“She is an actress. She’s acting great at the moment.”

Not long after Morgan tweeted a picture of a mesmerised Meghan looking at Prince Harry with the caption: “Once an actress...”

Co-host Susanna Reid then mentions the time Meghan crossed paths with Piers for a drink and how he's never forgotten their encounter...and she didn't stop. 

Reid said: “You still can’t let it go, can you Piers? The fact she left the pub that day and never spoke to you ever again.”

He denied that was the case. “It’s a red light when people behave like that, in an odd manner...the axe came down, as it did with the dad, axed - everyone of her family... worrying...”

Some Twitter users thought his comments were funny, but most praised Meghan for ignoring him.

“I don’t blame Megan ignoring her family. After seeing the way they have all behaved I would too. As for ignoring Piers, I feel for anyone who comes in to contact with him,” one said.

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