Meghan broke one major rule - and it was caught on camera

What will the Queen say?

October 28 2018

Meghan Markle looks every inch the Royal Princess on her trip to Australia but she has broken one major royal rule - and now there are incriminating photos to prove it.

The Duchess of Sussex, who is four months pregnant with her first child, and Prince Harry have been a huge hit with the crowds in Australia since they touched down on their 16-day tour. 

But could this one snap get her into big trouble with the palace who are known to be sticklers for adhering to protocol?



The Royal Family are expressly forbidden to take any selfies with members of the public. This is thought to be for security reasons but also because they would literally be on their walkabout tours forever if they have to stop every 30-seconds for photos.

But during her trip to Sydney, Meghan broke this golden rule - but for one very good reason! She took a photo with a little girl who looked exactly like her!

'We feel like she looks a bit like you when you were younger,' the woman with the little girl says to Meghan. 'I was literally about to say the same thing!' Meghan replies. Meghan also tells her look-alike that she loves her shirt which reads, "Girls Can Do Anything."

Let's hope the royals remember that when they tell her off!