Queen Elizabeth is no longer the most popular royal - and you'll never guess who is!

Who knew?

Content Editor / November 14 2018

For a long time, Queen Elizabeth has held the mantle of most popular member of the royal family.

However, the monarch has been knocked off her pedestal, with a new British survey indicating that another royal has taken the top spot – Prince Harry!

According to the YouGov survey, the Duke of Sussex topped the list of the nation's most popular royals with 77 per cent of people saying that they are huge fans of the Prince.

On his recent trip down under with new bride, Meghan Markle, Harry showed what a kind, sweet and caring man he is, taking the time to speak and bond with people from all walks of life, and showing compassion at all times.

His total devotion for mum-to-be Meghan has only further endeared him to royal fans, it seems.

Speaking of the Duchess of Sussex, she came in at sixth place – not bad considering she has only been a royal for around six months.

The Queen came in in second place, with Prince William taking the third spot, followed closely by wife Kate Middleton, and with recently retired Prince Philip in fifth place.