Police bust another makeshift ‘baby seat’

Multiple breaches of safety were found

Content Editor / October 03 2018

These shocking images were taken when police stopped a black Hyundai sedan at a stationary breath testing site in Sydney’s Inner West this week.

Earlier this week, Victorian police released images of a car where a baby had been strapped in in a bouncer.

“It was discovered that a small child was in the rear lying flat on their back in a non-compliant child seat,” said the Police report. The child had been placed in the top half of a pram, which was lying on a piece of cardboard.

Image NSW Police Force

Image NSW Police Force

“The child had no shoulder straps and the 'child seat' was only attached to the vehicle by a seatbelt that was looped through it,” the report continued.

Not only that, but there was also a pregnant female passenger seated beside the child who was also not wearing a seatbelt at all.

Image NSW Police Force

Image NSW Police Force

Further enquiries led the police to discover that the vehicle was also unregistered.

The driver was issued with three penalty notices for an unrestrained child, unregistered vehicle and uninsured vehicle. The female passenger was issued a penalty notice for being unrestrained.

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